Pier Giorgio Graziano, born in Rome (Italy) the 24 October 1946, resident in Turin,

Corso Galileo Ferraris, 164, took his degree in Mechanical Engineer

atTurin Polytechnics in year 1970.


He has been working in British Ropeway Co, Sevenoaks, Kent (U.K.) and later

in “Officine Meccaniche Agudio” Company, maker of ropeways. 


From 1978 to 1982 he was in Brazil following the fabrication, erection and

commissioning of the industrial ropeway “Rio Branco” in the state of Parana.


From 1982 he was Technical Director of Agudio Company in Turin (Italy)

 and later of Poma Italia S.p.A. Company.


Starting from 1st January 2005 he is acting as independent

consulting engineer..


He has participated to all works of the “K” working group of CEN TC 242,

 elaborating safety system European standards for passenger ropeways. 

He was secretary of the Oitaf international working group recently

 updating the standards for industrial ropeways and cable cranes.


He is taking part to commission VI of Oitaf international organisation,

working on ropeways operational problems. 


He is technical responsible of A.C.I.F. (Italian association of ropeway makers)


He was design project engineer, and site construction responsible

 of many ropeway installations.